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WireTap Studio

Why did I buy this? I needed a tool to rip audio out of damaged and protected movie clips, songs, and website as well as edit them, change their formats and share them.

Wiretap Studio(WTS) from www.AmbrosiaSW.com is one of the indispensable tools in my arsenal. Got this one as part of a deal off of http://www.macheist.com/ and what a deal it was. Originally I had already bought a copy of wiretap pro for a project and it worked like a charm but Wiretap Studio takes the ability to capture audio for any thing playing on your computer to a full editing suit that can email, send to itunes, iphone, and a hard drive in many different audio formats. I love to get that song I really want off of youtube and put it on my phone. Another Practical Application for me was with using Record Beta from Propellerhead Software. I could not export the audio with the beta version so my songs were stuck but WTS came to by aid and allowed me to not only rip my songs but to share them with my band and my friend.

WireTaps Transport Window
WireTaps Library Window
WireTaps Editing Window

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PropellerHead Software’s “Record”

I am currently beta testing PropellerHead Software’s Record. The Record software is not only an amazing tool, it “Destroys Protools” with true reason integration without the use of “Rewire”. It is the most collaborative use of recording software I have ever used. I am a keyboard player and composer that works with other live musician has always been an issue for me using Protools and even apples sound track. I either pre-record my music and export it into Protools or SoundTrack to let the musicians play on it with leave me as an engineer and not a player or composer my self or I have to play live through a mic to jam with them. This has brought all my worlds together in one sweet package. It even persuaded me to upgrade from Reason 3 which I was hesitant about.

Record Sports a Webware Hardware Dongle so no Piracy this time
ApplicationAuthorization.zvZRwvrIg4wm.iM6kUkNROvtt.jpgRecord UIRecord.X47VEHLJTKqQ.avxvxgMSccnN.jpg

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