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Record Realizations

I installed Record on my studio PC using the online verification and since I already linked and verified app the Reason application was auto unlocked. This lead to my discovery that reason is already a part of record. Some may not understand that you don’t need to open reason again once you install record. The way you interface with mixer is the main difference I found but it should feel familiar for reason user.

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WP for iPhone

WordPress for iPhone is quick, painless, and easy to use. Now with the 3.0 landscape view writing is a snap. The best feature is taking a picture with you phone and adding is to your posts.

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Record Elation and Hardware Key Woes

My excitement for the Propellerhead software is clear after the advent of their Reason software. Honestly I was introduced to it by non legitimate copy years ago, however this exposure moved me to purchase it for my company years later.

Enter Record the “Holy Grail” of recording software and alternative the dreaded Protools. This was almost true after using the beta except for one thing, “THE DREADED HARDWARE KEY!!!!!!”. I do understand companies protecting their investment but you must remember how people discovered your program to begin with.

Many companies have made this mistake example: Quark. I remember Quark users jumping ship when InDesign was a keyless alternative. It can also become an expensive hard to managing tech support issue “I know this first hand”. This precaution seems rational at first but quickly becomes a nightmare and does not make your customers happy. If you have ever wasted 3 hours of your life trying to get a key to work you will not feel any software is worth it no matter how good the software is. Propellerheads take note.

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I am a sucker for a good deal. I am also a sucker for something that is a good deal and improves my life. I have been looking for a way to chronicle my thoughts on and offline. Because I participated in the Mac Heist earlier this year and got MarinerSoftwares Paperless I go and additional deal on MacJournal. Online I have used WordPress, Drupal. Offline I have use Word, Pages, TextEdit, Stickies and Text mate. I loose the motivation to write easily dealing with online software though I will spend allot of time figuring them out. Offline I love how useful and easy to use Pages and Word can be but it looses its charm in the cut and paste to the blog or website. Enter Mac Journal! Out of the box I started to write my ideas even before I figured out how to put them online. Dragging and dropping images was just as easy as word or pages. I also love the fact that I can have multiple journals and have a different set up for each, in one easy to use window.
After I got over the initial charm of a really focused software package I started to want to use it for what I bought it for, Blogging. This is where the learning curve got really steep and I found the limitations of the documentation and information. To be clear this software is capable of uploading its content to WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, BlogSpot or any where that uses the Atom, MoveableType, Live Journal or MetaWebLog Protocols but is not an easy endeavor to say the least. Of course I started with the hardest of them all posting to my drupal blog and I got it to work: Drupal MacJournal Tutorial. I don’t like how MacJournal sets up and edits servers because there is there really no intuitive way to edit the list. They should take a note from Coda, Dreamweaver or Transmit on easy of use as MJ uses terms hard for web people to decipher what they mean. Over all I like MJ and would will offer some online training for it soon as there is a lack of know how on the blogging portion of it

Drupal MacJournal Tutorial

WordPress MacJournal Tutorial

One of MJ Strengths is its ability to record audio. Example Below

BTW this post was written in Mac Journal

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Record is Released!

3:00am in the morning on my iPhone I purchased Record and can’t wait to get it. Love the fact that I was able to buy another copy as a gift at the same price because We have two satellite studios we need this for. Get your copy now

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Word Press and the iphone

This is my first crack at using the iPhone WP app. So far soo great !!!

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Daylite Touch



I will admit that I love syncing my phone to my computer a bit too much because I sync for the pure joy of it. I also love knowing what I have to do tomorrow and in some ways the Daylite app could take some notes from Daylite touch. DLT is a solid way to manage my projects on the go but I still have not figured out how to sync remotely. This is not a big deal since I am a one man Daylite shop but it would be nice to use this feature. The program is concise and to the point but I do not like that when my phone goes sideways I get the calendar not a great feature or calendar view there is a much better way of using the accelerometer. I wish apple would let developers deeper in to the system because I would love to log calls that I did not make in DLT but it is still nice to do it in the program. I hate the $59 subscription idea also but over all a super solid purchase and I would do it again.


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