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Death of GeoCities

I must ask for a moment of silence as we morn the death of GeoCities.

When I was young and ruff around the edges, my first web building memories were with GeoCities. I remember how free and how open Mr. Cities was with everyone . The internet was a different place then with its
under construction signs, visitor counters and animated gifs. I say with a heavy heart that I will sincerely miss your file by file uploading system and you unicorn riddled sites. With that said we will miss you Mr. Cities or as your friends so dearly called Geo.

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Record vs Protools LE

When considering this article I had to consider some bias’s I have on the software described. First I must let you know that I was an “Avid” no pun intended user of Protools. I believed it to be the industry standard and holy grail of direct to disk audio recording. I bought the Digi 001 (Which is no longer Supported) in 2000 and loved the freedom and flexibility of recording on my desktop for many years. I was introduced to reason 1 about year after and was blown away by it use and application of midi which was far more advanced then the Protools implementation. I began from that point on to do all my midi work in reason and my audio work in Protools. My first problems arrived when OSX was first released and I have to pay for and upgrade to Protools but it seemed to make sense at the time. As each update and upgrade apple made to the OS, I would be charge and charged again for software with no improvement and no new features. I have worked in software for many years now and I describe and update and an upgrade like this.

Update: Fixes to bugs, compatibility fixes, improvements to existing features, FREE

Upgrade: Added Features, Added Value proposition to the software, PAID

Due to this Upgrade/Update issues I began to become frustrated with Protools. I always said if reason could record I would never use protools again. That did not come soon enough for me. I gave up on waiting for protools and started to use Apples Sound Track to record audio. Then enter record and I was compelled to compare the two.

With that said my friend who used to work at DigiDesign still try to convince me that Protools is justified in all the extra charges because of the total rewrites they would have to do to fix what Apple broke in the update. Personally as an end user I don’t care, I paid for something to work and if you wrote it fix it!

Record Pros

  1. When I updated to Snow Leopard it still worked (No Paid Update required)
  2. Record has the best Live audio processing I have ever used
  3. Works with any audio interface
  4. Record has the most awesome mixer
  5. No need for rewire to use reason
  6. Resembles Real Audio Gear
  7. 299.00 USD full version
  8. Offering a 64-bit summing bus, the mixer is modeled on the legendary SSL 9000K large-format console.
  9. mix-bus compressor to polish your mix before your mastering chain.
  10. Built-in audio time stretch
  11. Unlimited Audio Tracks
  12. World Class FX, Mixing and Mastering Gear
  13. Large number of Software instruments

Record Cons

  1. Hard to set up multiple audio interfaces
  2. locked to a hardware key

Protools Pros

  1. Lots of plugins
  2. $279.00 lowest end version with hardware
  3. 48 simultaneous stereo audio tracks
  4. A complete award-winning songwriting, multi tracking, mixing, and production environment
  5. 7 vintage analog emulation processing plug-ins, including Moogerfooger effects
  6. 7 virtual instruments including drums, piano, organ, synths, and samplers
  7. Full MIDI recording and editing, including control of virtual instruments

Protools Cons

  1. If Protools breaks as a result of a system update DigiDesign will charge you
  2. Years of horrible midi implementation
  3. Works only to DigiDesign or M-Audio Hardware
  4. Non reliable Rewire Implementation
  1. Cumbersome Audio and FX implementation
  2. Don’t have to use rewire to have good midi
  3. Protools Midi Sucks
  4. Record

Record Wins!

I will keep adding to this list as I learn how much better the program is

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Setting up a Drupal with Mac Journal

Drupal tutorials
I know from personal experience this is painful to set up and hopefully this tutorial will help you get up and running with Drupal and Mac journal. Setting up remote clients with Mac Journal made my purchase worth it’s weight in gold.

Drupal Set Up

Log in: to your Drupal Site
Goto: Administer >Site building > Modules
Click: Enable the Blog and Blog API
Click: Save Configuration



Goto: Administer › Site configuration > BlogAPI
Click: Blog Entry
Click: Save Configuration



Mac Journal Set Up

Go to Journal: Edit Blog Server


Name your Blog and Set up


Click: “Manual Setup”

The next page should auto complete.
Select: Type: “Movable Type” or “Meta WebLog”
Click: “Reload”
Click: The Drop-down arrow next to “reload” and select “blog” for the Blog ID
Click: “OK”

When you are ready to share and entry
        Goto Share: Send to: “Your Blog

Drupal tutorials

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Setting up a WordPress with Mac Journal

As soon as I bought Mac Journal I wanted to figure out how to do this. I could not find enough documentation on the Mariner Software site to do this so I figured I would help people out by making this tutorial.
If there is anything unclear pleas contact me by leaving a comment on my blog.

Word Press Set Up

  1. Log in to your word press blog
  2. Scroll down to the Menu: Settings – Writing
  3. Click: Enable the Atom Publishing Protocol.
  4. Click: Enable the WordPress, Movable Type, MetaWeblog and Blogger XML-RPC publishing protocols.


Mac Journal Set Up

Go to Journal: Edit Blog Server


Name your Blog and Set up


A valid blog should be found
The next page should auto complete. Then click “Ok”

When you are ready to share and entry
        Goto Share: Send to: “Your Blog”

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Launch of iPhone/iPod Mobile Site

This week we launched the new mobile version of our site. If you navigate to www.idealconceptsamerica.com on your iPhone or iPod you will be redirected to m.idealconceptsamerica.com to view our site in a mobile compatible mode.

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