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Ideal Concepts America Honors Sherry Callahan

We at IDCA want to honor the life of Sherry Callahan one of our Founding Board Members, Our Mother Hen, and our Shining light. Sherry was an inspirational force to our organization and her contributions will be missed but not forgotten.

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A Serious Case of Droid Envy

This is not a warning these are actual shots being fired and hitting the iPhone!


The release of the Droid phone has this seasoned and loyal apple user in question if the iphone will continue to hold space in his pocket. I think Apple has gotten to comfortable in its smug little position. Who cares that you reinvented the smart phone if you let your core customers down. I feel I am pretty hard to displease but if you cross me to many times I will never indorse you again so tread lightly apple. Until now no one has come close to touching this phone because to the sheer number of apps, utility and sexiness. But as an iPhone 3G user I have slowly escalated to disdain its short comings. I actually find the phone to be dangerous while driving with its lack of voice dialing and real GPS and thought there may be an app for that it won’t run in the background for me to use at will. Some will argue the 3GS has voice dialing, but why do I have to buy a new phone when this is a software issue. Apple is notorious for putting our crippled hardware features when you know they know how to do it (“The infamous right click button comes to mind”). So I am going to list some features needed soon with no new purchase of hardware if Apple wants to keep my business.

  1. Drop AT&T or add more networks like Verizon
  2. Voice Dialing on all your phones
  3. Bluetooth wireless sync
  4. Internet Tethering
  5. Real GPS and is integrated with the Address Book
  6. MovieSupport on all your phones(I know you can do this because of the jail break apps)
  7. Add Flash for crying out loud, No excuses

Closing Thoughts:

The big google advantage is the Android operating system that more phones will have in the future. This and this alone posses the biggest treat to the iPhone dominance. This means there will be more and more developers clamoring to get over to Android based phones because there app will be more accessible and who knows maybe even easier to develop for. Look out Apple!

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We are now officially blogging for Examiner.com so many of our posts will show up there as well as on our home blog. Very exciting development indeed!

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New Mac heist Bundle

A FREE Machiest Bundle! No Way! I love free so I would not pass this up but I must say that honestly I really only found 2 useful apps in this bundle. I will spare you my talking about the others so here it is.
ShoveBox and Twitteriffic are the only apps worth Mentioning and here is why.

Give you and easy menubar way to create and organize information snippets on your computer. I find this to be far superior to using Stickies because it is alway in my upper right hand corner and I can assign quick keys to it. It is also light weight and fast

Simple easy to use menubar interface that keeps me from using a web browser to tweet.

Now for my random rant
My biggest friction point with the web is the browser. I hate it!!! Any desktop app that reaches out to the web for one single purpose already has one points with me.

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PayPal Just Gave out free net books

OMG just got a free netbook at the PayPal conference

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PayPal X Conference

Today IDCA is at the PayPal X conference in SF and will be live blogging about what is seen here today.

The big announcement today is that Paypal is opening their platform to developers at www.x.com . They seem to have taken a note from The open source community and FaceBook. The people at PayPal realize that they can not innovate as fast as the world is moving, so why not get the world to work for you for free. This idea of crowd sourcing is not new but we will see how well this concept works around making money. People don’t seem to have a problem working for the man if they are able to make their own income and determine their own destiny, so it seems. Apple, Google, Sun and others have all caught on to this and created platforms that they really control but still give the feeling of openness.

Here are some photos from the expo.




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