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My Top 5 2009 Mac Apps

2009 Was full of great mac apps and these are my Top 5.

For the recording industry, nothing changed the game quite like Propellerheads Record. Reason has been dominating professional music production for years now, but has missed one major component, Direct to Disk Audio. Record has not only solved this issue, it has also innovated on the idea, using a real world methodology towards audio. This application tops the list as a game changer in music recording, as a sequencer, recording, mixing, and mastering suite.

2009 was about getting organized and no one did that better then Market Circles Daylite. With its objective-oriented approach to projects, opportunities, and contacts, MCD makes it easy to integrate this program into what ever workflow you have. This program’s defaults also point you in the right direction when it comes to getting organized with its project workflows. One of MCD’s best features was its integration with the address book and calendar, simplifying the use of this application with other apps that utilize the same services. This program won many design awards in 2009, including the Apple Design Award. Market Circle also released an iphone application and server that brought this forward-thinking app even further into the future.

Billings is another efficient Market Circle app, used exclusively for time-based billing and invoicing. Billings features a powerful design engine to create stunning looking invoices, and enables users to merge data in an elegant way. The application is a standalone product, and works well with the Daylite project management application. Billings also has nice integration features that work well with the address book and that give Daylite a more robust way of handling billing tasks. 

Mac Journal:
Packed with organizing features, Mac Journal is no mere word processor. It is also an excellent way to keep your thoughts and journal entries organized. The program for the most part is pretty straight forward with great drag and drop functionality of photos, movies, and sounds. Users can add html to their entries and post the data to multiple blogs. This program is an indispensable part of any bloggers arsenal that uses WordPress, Blogger, Joomla and or Drupal as a blogging platform. Offline journal-writing is available and safe, as you can encrypt and password protect your data.

Snow Leopard:
Speed, ease of use, and more disc space all-around, Snow Leopard packs a punch as an upgrade to Apples line of Operating Systems. I have seen as much as 20 gigabytes of space return to users who have install this purchased update to Leopard. One of the biggest features of Snow Leopard were the Microsoft Exchange support in Apples Mail, Address Book, and Calendar apps. This feature alone was worth the upgrade to mac users in PC environments. The improvements to the Dock, finder and Quicktime are some of the more noticeable changes.

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Thank You and Happy Holidays

Ideal Concepts America would like to thank all of its Clients and Readers for their patronage. Have a happy and safe holiday season from all of us to all of you

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MacUpdate Promo

For all of you software-philes out there another software bundle has been released. www.mupromo.com

Great New Apps for Only $49.

63714.pngPath Finder: Hands down the best of the bunch!
295364.pngSocialite: This was formerly called Eventbox which I got in the last macheist but this has more features like multiple accounts so I can manage all my online lives
220224.pngYep: Not Yet Opened
317974.pngRadio Gaga: I have no use for this and I don’t like the name
160354.pngGarageSale: Not yet Opened but I will do a VS on this verses iSale
6334.pngDragThing: This is cool but I would rather use Path Finder
47104.pngSpeed Download: Love this
329374.pngHealthNut: Good Little Tracking app gave as a gift to a Health Nut
58704.pngPCalc: This app is Solid and way over my head
328734.pngMachinarium: The Best Puzzle Game I have played since Abes Odyssey
122134.pngiRip: Have not Opened but I will do a VS on this verses Phone View

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Cannon 7D Slow Motion Test

Testing out the new Canon 7D and its 60p mode made me want to doing something I was never comfortable with in 24 or 30p and that is, shooting in slow motion! Unfortunately, if you use Apples Final Cut Pro and you slow even 60p past 50% the results become choppy. These results, made me began to question how this could be done and with a little research and  recommendations I found Twixtor from Revision Effects with a pretty hefty price tag weighing in at $329.99- $595.00. The results with Twixtor, were stunning,though the pluggin was difficult to figure out. There is something mesmerizing about the output even with some of the artifacts created when the footage is interpolated. After digging around a bit deeper, I found out that After Effects had a pluggin called Time-warp that achieves the same effect new to CS3.

Here is some test footage I posted

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Free Fun Mac Software


If you are looking for some fun free mac software check out voice candy on the Mac Heist website. In order to get the free version you must have a twitter account and tweet about Voice candy. Mac Heist will walk you through the easy steps to downloading your new wares. Voice Candy is a program that can change your voice to a Robot, Darth Vador, or even a Chipmunk. There is glorious amounts of time wasting to be done with this application. Normally Voice Candy cost around $12 so get it while it is free. Enjoy!

Here are some examples I created from Voice Candy:




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