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Reason 5 and Record 1.5 Review

The release of the propellerhead Reason 5 and Record 1.5 has my head spinning with possibilities. I was uncertain how this combo would improve my recording life but it is a sure fire upgrade. Reason 4 and Record were already arguably the best digital workstation software to date but now with new modules it has been taken to the next level. This Article is intended for people who already use Reason and Record. If you would like to find out more, Propellerheads has some great videos on their site.


My Favorite Features

Blocks: Record, Reason

Blocks introduce a new ways to organize your songs. You create sections/blocks into verse, chorus, bridge or anyway you see fit. You create instances of those Blocks and any change you make distributes to those instances. This Really helps cut down copy and pasting my chorus or hooks every time I make a change.

Live Sampling: Record, Reason

This brings me back to the old days of making my own samples. For along time if you did not have Recycle cutting up samples and mapping them to a device was a pain in the a$$ but now with live sampling it is an easy and creative was to make and manipulate your on samples in any sample loading device. This feature still has some ruff edges but is very useful. I still am waiting for the day I have recycle incorporated in to the program.

Dr. Octo REX Loop Player: Record, Reason

This new rex player is like having 8 rex players and allows you to do some awesome beat juggling. There is also more control over the slices which can be used to pan, reverse and filter.

Notable Features

The Neptune Pitch: Record

Call me old school but I hate the auto-tune sound in its current form, however that will not keep me from using this great tool. I already have found great ways to use it that don’t come off like this over produced candy sound that non singers use to get by. This can be used quite creatively as it can plug in to anything and can be driving by your midi controller. The manipulation of pitch opens many doors to creative performances and yes you can also sound like T-Pain.

Kong Drum Designer: Record, Reason

The Kong is a 16 pad and 16 drum synthesis, physical modeling, sampling, REX loops, beat machine. With this device you can get the exact sound your looking for and you can build your drum sounds based on any of the nine different drum modules. With it’s automation analog support sound generators, effects, flexible routing, multiple hit types you can spend all day playing with this thing.

If you already own Record and Reason you only have to upgrade to Reason 5 to get the Record 1.5 update which is great!

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