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ExpanDrive vs Transmit 4

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Lots of programs do ftp, some cost and some don’t, some are feature packed and some are slimmed down, some are tied to an editor and some are independent. I always find it cumbersome to rely on built in ftp of programs like coda and dreamweaver since I edit in a variety of editors. I also hate going to a different program to make updates to a site I am working on in another program.

Enter ExpandDrive and Transmit 4 which offer the solution I have been looking for. How so you ask? These applications actually mount your ftp site like it is a drive on your computer and you can open the files in what ever you like. I have been able to do that for years with the finder you say? Well, the finder is slow, bogs down your computer while you interact with the ftp, and does not have the features to do a good job of ftp.


FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, WebDav:
Both have the ability to mount ftp sites, sftp, amazon s3, and webdav as drives but Transmit 4 does this much faster and I mean much faster.

Expand Drive and Transmit 4 both have a menu bar drop-down interface and mounted drives that show up in the finder, however their similarities end there. Transmit 4 has a fully featured ftp window showing local and remote locations, the ability to sync files(my favorite feature) various finder window type functions and much more. Transmit 4 is really a fully featured application that does not get in your way as opposed to a simple utility.

Transmit 4
Expand Drive

This was a virtual no contest as I found ExpanDrive to be sluggish not only to itself but to my entire computer. Transmit 4 came out with blazing speed and elegance that was just unmatched and I was able to get work done faster then using dreamweaver or coda without being tied to their editors.

Transmit 4: $34.00
ExpanDrive: $19.95

Transmit 4 is our winner by its clean interface, super speed, ease of use and its great feature set. The guys at panic should be proud of what they created because they made my life a whole lot easier. Great try on the part of ExpanDrive and if it was not for the speed and lack of a true interface the guys at ExpanDrive could have given Transmit 4 a run for it’s money.

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