.:Web Hosting

With top-notch support, network redundancy, stable servers, and a plan for every need, Ideal Concepts America offers the most comprehensive web hosting solution for your personal or business site. If you or your business is only seeking maximum uptime without worrying about the technical details, don’t sweat it! We will customize a plan that matches your ideal workload. The web interface for the control panel offers you a way to quickly view account-related information and provides easy access to the wide variety of tools and utilities included with your account.

Included Services:

Site Setup
Domain Forwarding
Email Configuration
Ftp Configuration

Control Panel Features

With the click of a mouse, you can administer your web space, e-mail accounts, directories, cgi-bin (program script storage area) and all the special features offered. Gain control and flexibility to make changes within your own time frame and according to your own particular business needs. Below are the major features and tools of the control panel.

E-mail Tools

  • Manage e-mail accounts
  • Access webmail
  • Manage mailing lists
  • Create autoresponders
  • Set up e-mail forwarders
  • Create custom filters
  • Spam Assassin

Site Statistics and Logs

  • Download raw log file
  • View error logs
  • View bandwidth usage
  • View latest visitors
  • Webalizer site and ftp statistics
  • View web stats with Analog or AWStats
  • Raw log manager

Site Management Tools

  • Create and manage FTP accounts
  • Add and manage MySQL databases
  • Add/remove subdomains
  • Add/remove addon domains
  • Auto install scripts via Fantastico
  • File Manager
  • Add/remove parked domains
  • Create a site/database backup

Other Tools

  • Install/uninstall FrontPage Extensions
  • Create custom error pages
  • Edit MIME types and Apache Handlers
  • Password protect directories
  • Enable hotlink protection
  • Manage GPG keys
  • Ban IP addresses
  • Create cron jobs

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